Foreign Currency Loans

The proposed bill will put a slightly higher burden on banks than expected, about $ 1,000 billion. According to analysts interviewed by MTI, most of the elements of the legislation were expected, but they were surprised by the moratorium on interest rate increases imposed by April 2016 and the inclusion of redundancies in the proposal. Instead of the previously expected […]

More transparency in loans

The cost of a loan in the future Last week, the Federal Council passed legislation that would force banks to provide more transparency on the cost of a loan in the future. The new regulations should serve consumer protection. Especially so-called residual debt insurance policies have long been in the sights of consumer insurers. The policies protect the borrower and […]

Debt Rush: Deficits are rising worldwide.

Debt Rush: Deficits are rising worldwide.

  Deficits in public budgets around the world are eroding. As the OECD reports, record debt levels in Europe, the US and Japan are expected in the coming years. Thus, the established economies see themselves in the vortex of a debt spiral, the end of which no one can foresee. Germany is still doing well in an international comparison, despite […]